Useful Sources

Some sources you might find interesting and useful:

Arriaza, Bernardo. 1995. Beyond Death: The Chinchorro Mummies of Ancient Chile. (Washington: Smithsonian Institution Press).

Aufderheide, Arthur C. 2003. The Scientific Study of Mummies. (U.K.: Cambridge University Press).

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Hallam, Elizabeth; Hockey, Jenny and Glennys Howarth. 1999. Death and Social Identity. (London, England: Routledge Press).

Rivera, Mario. 1995. “The Pre-Ceramic Chinchorro Complex of Northern Chile: Context, Style, and Purpose.”

Sharf, Robert H. 1992. “The Idolization of Enlightenment: On the Mummification of Ch’an Masters in Medieval China.” (Chicago: University of Chicago Press).


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